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Articles Exposing Dorr Brother 2A Activity in Minnesota

April 2020 - Star Tribune Article
“They don’t lobby,” said state Rep. Jim Nash, R-Waconia, a frequent sponsor of pro-gun legislation yet a past target of the Dorrs’ incendiary and often personal barbs. “They don’t interact with people. They don’t send suggestions in to help make bills better. They don’t do anything other than take videos, post to Facebook and do the elaborate scheming that they do to make money off of donors who think that they’re actually donating to something that makes a difference.” ...
“The big distinction between us and the Dorr brothers is that they capitalize on the anger and the frustration and they stoke it,” Strom said. “That’s their business model. They see anger boiling up, they get in front of it, collect as many names as possible, collect as much money as possible and move on.”
February 2020 - Facebook Group exposes MGR spending.
"To our north, the Minnesota legislature is about to vote on gun control measures on the Minnesota House Floor in the coming week or two. You'd think Minnesota Gun Rights would be running ads to stop this from happening. But are they? No! The only ad they are running, with their membership's hard earned donations, is one attacking the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus."

February 2020 - Blue Stem Prairie Article
"Dorr family expands brand: adds scaring abortion foes about GOP to gun rights stories"

February 2019 - Fox News Article
"Minnesota gun group says it's a nonprofit, but was revoked ...Dorr brothers’ unique twist,
Minnesota Gun Rights is part of a network of pro-gun groups operating in 10 states. The Dorr brothers – Ben, Chris and Aaron – are connected with at least six of them.
The brothers operate with a unique twist: they criticize Republican lawmakers for being anti-gun and say other pro-gun groups like the NRA are soft."

February 2019 BearingArms.com Article - Are Some Gun Groups just in it for the Money?
"I’m troubled by this. Groups like this can bring in a whole lot of money, yet it sounds like at least this one isn’t bringing any results for those who “donate.” It’s not a non-profit, yet it’s presenting itself as such."

April 2018- Shot in the Dark Carpetbaggers Blog
"The rally was put on by a group called “Minnesota Gun Rights”. We’ve addressed this group in the past – for being a scam that fleeces Minnesota gun owners, and is politically ineffective at best (and at worst, they do more harm than good). Some legislators that once supported it have seen the light and condemned the group as a scam."

March 2018 - Rip Off Report
"They send out garish emails with false claims then ask for money that they use for personal uses. NONE of the money goes to help MN gun owners fight the state legislature! They are a known scammer with sites in most states, Iowa Gun rights is listed here as one of them!

April 2017 - Shot in the Dark Carpetbaggers Blog
"Matt Windschitl called out “Iowa Gun Owners” as a scam from the floor of the Iowa state legislature. We’ve met Windschitl in this space before; I’ve interviewed him on my show,Iowa Gun Owners is the Iowa “branch” of the “Minnesota Gun Rights”. – which is a misnomer, as MGR actually is headquartered in Iowa. Windschitl savaged IGO for taking credit for Iowa’s recent passage of “Stand Your Ground” legislation, pointing out that not a single legislator had heard from Aaron Dorr, and the group had not even registered as lobbyists."

August 201 - Shot in the Dark Carpetbaggers Blog
"We’ve written at some depth in the past about Minnesota Gun Rights – an astroturf fundraising group that raises a lot of money and generates a lot of strident social media about 2nd Amendment politics in Minnesota, but has never actually delivered any significant results. A bipartisan selection of Minnesota’s most committed pro-human-rights legislators repudiated MGR a few years back...MGR is claiming credit for Cal Bahr’s victory over Hackbarth in HD31B – as seen in the social-media meme that’s been circulating all day today...Near as I’ve been able to find from my sources on the subject, MGR’s entire “campaign” in the Bahr/Hackbarth contest was email."

"A group of 11 Republican and five Democrat members of the state House recently penned a scathing open letter calling MGR "pretenders," "fraudsters" and claiming the group is based in Iowa and doesn't have any real interest in Minnesota politics."

April 2015 - Blue Stem Prairie - Article
"Don’t be fooled by the fake, out-of-state “Minnesota Gun Rights.” They’re not working with us, and they’re not working for you."

See Comprensive List of News Articles, Posts, and Complaints related to the Dorr Brothers

Example(s) of How They Attack the Good Guys Using their Confrontational Politicking Tactics
Usually attacks the NRA (est. 1975) and the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus (est. 2015)

Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus   
Article The Cancer in the Gun Rights Community, October 2019
"Like I said, I hate writing this but everything is on the line and the betrayals are just too many! Let me explain.  There’s a small and rather less well known “gun rights” group here in Minnesota called the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus. Their band is run by two guys, Bryan Strawser and Rob Doar. For years they’ve been working behind the scenes (as well as blatantly in the open) with bad politicians AGAINST OUR GUN RIGHTS!"

(There are many, many videos on their facebook page)

They are siphoning off money (for their own personal gain) that should be going to authentic, real work to protect your Second Amendment Rights in Minnesota.