Minnesota Right to Life



  • Minnesota HRCC puts out "Get the Facts Sheet" which includes a reference to Minnesota Right to Life (MRTL).
    "These groups are a massive fundraising scam. Identical groups have been set up in more than a dozen states, and have raised millions of dollars by making videos attacking the strongest pro-life and pro-gun legislators."
  • Minnesota GOP has published a website warning of MRTL and  the other Dorr Brother-related schemes there. See Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka explain why in this video.
  • Created by Chris Dorr
  • Ben Dorr is now the Executive Director of Minnesota Right to Life. See his other titles.
    In Minnesota alone, he heads three operations. He is the current Political Director for Minnesota Gun Rights and started Minnesota Trump Club.

 Articles Exposing Dorr Brother Activity

"In the last couple months, a group called "Minnesota Right to Life" has emerged on Facebook, and it recently sent out a fundraising letter asking for money. This group is a scam created by the Dorr brothers, well-known scammers who have created fake groups (both gun rights groups and pro-life groups) in a number of different states."

"The Dorr brothers have decided that it is time to create confusion and chaos with attacks on Republicans and pro-lifers in an effort to raise money for their latest Facebook page called “Minnesota Right to Life.”"

February 2020 - Blue Stem Prairie - Dorr family expands brand: adds scaring abortion foes about GOP to gun rights stories

See Comprensive List of News Articles, Posts, and Complaints related to the Dorr Brothers

Attacking Pro-life Legislators and Pro-Life Organizations instead of Pro-Abortion Democrats Using their Confrontational Politicking Tactics

Video of Ben Dorr slamming Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), and others on their Facebook page, calling pro-life, Republican legislators in Minnesota "baby killers", "stabbing the babies in the back", "duping pro-lifers."

The Dorr Brothers have jumped from Pro 2A to Pro Life in Minnesota now 

They are siphoning off money (for their own personal gain) that should be going to authentic, real work to protect the unborn in Minnesota