Dorr Associates

Where you find the Dorr Brothers (especially on social media), you may often run into these names. If they are not directly tied to a Dorr Brothers organization, DO NOT BE FOOLED - these people, their organizations, and their tactics are exactly the same. The number of names on our list of individuals and organizations is growing daily.

A Few Examples:
Libertarians also using provocative, confrontational attacks on decent Republicans and Conservatives for personal and Libertarian ends.

  • MAGASOTA, in Minnesota, led by Michele Even and Marni Hockeberg
  • Action For Liberty, in Minnesota, led by Jake Dusenberg  Website    Facebook
  • North Star Liberty Alliance (NSLA), in Minnesota, led by William Paulsen (helped by Tony Lalonde and Chris Dorr) Website   Facebook 

Both Action for Liberty and North Star Alliance provide the training in the confrontational politicking. Aaron Dorr does the training, too.


  • Defend the Dorr Brother personally and their organizations fiercely regardless of issue (2A, life, and beyond), across state lines.
  • Comment on Facebook posts, and other social media always defending and arguing using confrontational politicking techniques, never answering pointed questions.
  • Brush off the lying and deceitful tactics used by the Dorr Brothers and their associates.
  • Are generally Libertarians, not Republicans.
  • Lie, misrepresent, and verbally accost pro-2A and pro-life legislators every chance they can get - thus underhandedly harming every cause they claim to be trying to help.

They Do Not Appear to:

  • Want to protect your 2A rights or they'd spend more time going after legislators that want to confiscate your guns.
  • Want to protect the unborn or they'd spend more time going after legislators that are pro-abortion.

What are these groups up to?

  • Article: Liberarians undermined Kentucky Republicans, Bevin
    KELLYANNE CONWAY: The Libertarians were the spoilers in Bevin's race. They ran Hicks. They like to do that [to Republicans] where ever they go. 
  • The suspicion is Libertarians and groups like this are out to run 3rd party candidates and door-to-door ballot harvesting to undermine the Republican Party. 
  • Libertarian-linked MAGASOTA shares their plans
    "Here's Michele (Even) & Marni (Hockenberg) saying Magasota's true purpose is to control the caucus and delegates." Watch out for Libertarians wearing yellow shirts at Republican events.