Comprehensive List of Dorr Brothers Exposing Articles

Read for yourselves from online news outlets and other credible sources and learn the truth about the Dorr Family scams and corruption.


"Lubnau said the tactics are to spread information that is reckless at best and flat-out untrue at worst, with the group's claims depending on others who either believe the information without vetting it or just assume it's on point because they want it to be."

Star Tribune Article
“They don’t lobby,” said state Rep. Jim Nash, R-Waconia, a frequent sponsor of pro-gun legislation yet a past target of the Dorrs’ incendiary and often personal barbs. “They don’t interact with people. They don’t send suggestions in to help make bills better. They don’t do anything other than take videos, post to Facebook and do the elaborate scheming that they do to make money off of donors who think that they’re actually donating to something that makes a difference.” ...
“The big distinction between us and the Dorr brothers is that they capitalize on the anger and the frustration and they stoke it,” Strom said. “That’s their business model. They see anger boiling up, they get in front of it, collect as many names as possible, collect as much money as possible and move on.”

Politizoom Article
"And make no mistake, the almighty dollar is behind all this, far more than any social conscience, let alone creed.
“The brothers will do anything to fan the flames of a controversial issue, and maybe make a quick nickel,” said the former state legislator, Republican Clel Baudler."

February 2020 - Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) issues a warning against Minnesota Right To Life
"In the last couple months, a group called "Minnesota Right to Life" has emerged on Facebook, and it recently sent out a fundraising letter asking for money. This group is a scam created by the Dorr brothers, well-known scammers who have created fake groups (both gun rights groups and pro-life groups) in a number of different states."

The Truth about Iowa Gun Owners Facebook Page exposes Ben Dorr confessing on video, "We did everything we could possibly do to disenfranchise gun owners from the Republican Party." Referring to the 2018 election in Minnesota.

Minnesota GOP sponsors a website, warning about the Dorr Brother schemes in that state. See Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka explain why in this video.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) Statement
"The Dorr brothers have decided that it is time to create confusion and chaos with attacks on Republicans and pro-lifers in an effort to raise money for their latest Facebook page called “Minnesota Right to Life.”"

Blue Stem Prairie Article
"Dorr family expands brand: adds scaring abortion foes about GOP to gun rights stories" 


Cleveland, OH Article - - "How one Ohio gun-rights group aims to upend the public debate by scaring Republicans"
“According to, the Dorr's modus operandi is fear-mongering about legitimate pro-gun bills, and then fundraising on efforts to stop them.” 

Fox News Article
"Minnesota gun group says it's a nonprofit, but was revoked ...Dorr brothers’ unique twist, Minnesota Gun Rights is part of a network of pro-gun groups operating in 10 states. The Dorr brothers – Ben, Chris and Aaron – are connected with at least six of them.The brothers operate with a unique twist: they criticize Republican lawmakers for being anti-gun and say other pro-gun groups like the NRA are soft." Article - Are Some Gun Groups just in it for the Money?
"I’m troubled by this. Groups like this can bring in a whole lot of money, yet it sounds like at least this one isn’t bringing any results for those who “donate.” It’s not a non-profit, yet it’s presenting itself as such." 

Buckeye Firearms Article
"A recent investigative report by suggests the leader of an Ohio organization may be running a fundraising scam, asking for donations purportedly to help pass pro-gun laws, then funneling the money to an out-of-state, for-profit business and pocketing the money along with family members...According to, Chris Dorr, Executive Director of Ohio Gun Owners, and his brothers, Ben and Aaron, have set up “what amounts to a family business” in multiple states, including Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Idaho, Tennessee, Virginia, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Georgia. They have also set up a national organization called American Firearms Coalition." 

Iowa Gun Owners the Truth about IGO Post
"Well, IGO and Aaron are at it again, straight up lying to raise money. In his latest email there are several whoppers." 

PolitiFact catches Wisconsin Firearms Coalition's lies about Governor Evers, AG Josh Kaul and Speaker Robin Vos
"Governor Evers, AG Josh Kaul and Speaker Robin Vos are demanding ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ for Wisconsin!"... The post went on to say: "This would allow virtually anyone to claim you're ‘dangerous’, having your firearms seized by law enforcement with no proof, arrest, indictment, conviction or due process at all!"...Our definition of Mostly False is a statement that "contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression." That fits here." 

NRA - Institute for Legislative Action Warning Memo
"It looks like D.J. Parten is making a move on Alabama. We’ve heard that he’s trying to establish himself in another state – Alabama. So, if you know people in Alabama, forward this email to them to give them a heads-up. Alabama is our neighbor, be neighborly! D.J. Parten claims he wants to protect your guns rights, but he's actually trying to raise money for his boss in Colorado. D.J. Parten claims to be Executive Director of "Florida Gun Rights" (FLGR) but this so-called "organization" has no actual presence in Florida....In Iowa, the scam artist wasn’t named D.J. Parten, it was Aaron Dorr. In Ohio, the scam artist is Chris Dorr (Aaron’s brother)" 

The Iowa Standard - Video of Iowa Senator calling out Aaron Dorr and Iowa Gun Owners
"There will be no Constitutional Carry this year and the reason is Aaron Dorr and the Iowa Gun Owners says Senator Jason Schultz." 

The Iowa Standard Video of Iowa Senator, Zach Nunn calling out the Dorr Brothers
"You are a threat... you attack the NRA, you attack the Iowa Firearms Coalition... Why aren't you guys in Minnesota anymore? Why can't you raise money over there anymore? Aaron, I appreciate you trying to divide us and make money off this, but we're going to keep working..." 

WHO Iowa Radio - Simon Conway online comments about Iowa Gun Owners
"The last thing Iowa Gun Owners wants in Iowa is Constitutional Carry because that would be the end of their gravy train!.."They claim victory for things they had absolutely nothing to do with!" 

Jason Schultz, Bill Manager for Constitutional Carry post blaming Iowa Gun Owners
"I can't move this bill forward if IGO is going to continue to burn bridges...IGO does not want this bill to proceed."


Shot in the Dark Carpetbaggers Blog Post
The rally was put on by a group called “Minnesota Gun Rights”. We’ve addressed this group in the past – for being a scam that fleeces Minnesota gun owners, and is politically ineffective at best (and at worst, they do more harm than good). Some legislators that once supported it have seen the light and condemned the group as a scam. 

Ripoff Report
"They send out garish emails with false claims then ask for money that they use for personal uses. NONE of the money goes to help MN gun owners fight the state legislature! They are a known scammer with sites in most states, Iowa Gun rights is listed here as one of them!


Iowa Senator Brad Zaun responds to False Claims made by Iowa Gun Owners
"To be clear Aaron Dorr has no political capital with me and never will, as in the past he has compared me with Nancy Pelosi, once again using this as a fundraising effort. Have you ever seen an email alert from him that is not asking for your money?  I personally know many members of the Iowa Gunowners Association and have much respect for, my problem is not with you, but just that you are being used to pay for Aaron Dorr’s salary."

Iowa Firearms Coalition Article
“Representative Windschitl’s closing remarks on House File 517 have caused quite a stir throughout the state. Windschitl called out the Iowa Gun Owners (IGO) group for lying to thousands of Iowans. Windschitl noted that despite their claims of being the driving force behind HF517, Iowa Gun Owners and their leaders never once spoke up about HF517, Stand Your Ground or any other provision of HF517 during the multiple subcommittees and public comment periods. IGO never registered as an organization in favor of the gun bill (here’s the list of everyone who actually declared for or against HF517) and most shockingly IGO isn’t even registered as a lobbying organization in the State of Iowa.” 

Shot in the Dark Carpetbaggers Blog Post
"Matt Windschitl called out “Iowa Gun Owners” as a scam from the floor of the Iowa state legislature. We’ve met Windschitl in this space before; I’ve interviewed him on my show, Iowa Gun Owners is the Iowa “branch” of the “Minnesota Gun Rights”. – which is a misnomer, as MGR actually is headquartered in Iowa. Windschitl savaged IGO for taking credit for Iowa’s recent passage of “Stand Your Ground” legislation, pointing out that not a single legislator had heard from Aaron Dorr, and the group had not even registered as lobbyists." 

Buckeye Firearms Article
"Recently, a group calling itself "Ohio Gun Owners" has been sending fundraising emails to gun owners around the state. The emails are signed by "Executive Director Chris Dorr" and claim that the "Ohio Constitutional Carry Act" is about to be introduced. The email also directs recipients to a petition and a plea for donations.Sounds great. We all want Constitutional Carry in Ohio. The problem is, a bill like this has been introduced (or promised) in each of the last several legislative sessions with no chance of being passed. But then, no one actually expects it to pass because these are not serious bills. The only reason they are introduced is to enable the sponsoring group to ask for donations." 


A Shot in the Dark Carpetbaggers Blog Post
We’ve written at some depth in the past about Minnesota Gun Rights – an astroturf fundraising group that raises a lot of money and generates a lot of strident social media about 2nd Amendment politics in Minnesota, but has never actually delivered any significant results. A bipartisan selection of Minnesota’s most committed pro-human-rights legislators repudiated MGR a few years back...MGR is claiming credit for Cal Bahr’s victory over Hackbarth in HD31B – as seen in the social-media meme that’s been circulating all day today...Near as I’ve been able to find from my sources on the subject, MGR’s entire “campaign” in the Bahr/Hackbarth contest was email. 


"A group of 11 Republican and five Democrat members of the state House recently penned a scathing open letter calling MGR "pretenders," "fraudsters" and claiming the group is based in Iowa and doesn't have any real interest in Minnesota politics."
Read the Letter.

Ammoland Article
"Florida Gun Rights (FLGR) is a Fraud, Don’t Get Conned...Email keeps flooding Florida gun owners from an entity calling itself “Florida Gun Rights” (FLGR) — but it is NOT coming from a grassroots group in Florida. Their corporate documents clearly show their principal place of business is Colorado." 

Blue Stem Prairie Article
"Don’t be fooled by the fake, out-of-state “Minnesota Gun Rights.” They’re not working with us, and they’re not working for you."

Ripoff Report
"Aaron Dorr has made a career out of exploiting innocent Iowans for financial gain. He is a smooth talking, political master, that will do anything to con people into giving up their hard earned money. As the ring leader of IGO, Aaron's main goal is to ensure no gun legislation passes in the Iowa house. This is an important strategy for him, because the more fear and lack of progress he can conjure up, the more money he can request and extract." 


A Shot in the Dark Carpetbaggers Blog Article
“This morning I saw an email from a so-called Second Amendment organization. That organization, in a roundabout way, was trying to take credit for helping to get this [pro Second Amendment] bill to the floor and working it through the process. It’s not the first time this organization has done that. I want to be clear to Iowans – I want to be clear to anyone that’s watching this video right now; that organization’s executive director is Aaron Dorr; he’s the executive director of Iowa Gun Owners. Here’s the message; he did not lift a single finger to move this [pro second amendment] legislation forward." 

AKSARBENT Article - Ethics investigations involving the Dorrs - derailment of the Michelle Bachman campaign a week before Iowa Caucus, as well as email list stealing
"I am certain that Bachmann for President National Political Director Guy Short did not instruct Mr. Christopher Dorr or anyone else in October 2011 to remove a private homeschool list from a personal laptop for use by, or as leverage, to reach an agreement with the 2012 Ron Paul Presidential Campaign!"

A Shot in the Dark Carpetbaggers Blog Post
"Also involved in the elaborate scheme to persuade Sorenson to defect from Bachmann to Paul is Aaron Dorr, the Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners Association. Dorr served as an early negotiator between Sorenson and the Paul campaign. It was Dorr who drafted a three-page memo outlining Sorenson’s financial demands to get him to jump ship from the Bachmann campaign. This memo not only discloses the financial compensation Sorenson sought to obtain, but also details his financial agreement with Bachmann."

Washington Times Article
“Aaron Dorr, executive director of Iowa Gun Owners, indicated in his e-mails that he acted as Sorenson’s representative in the negotiations for a payment.”