Georgia Gun Owners Coalition


  • Patrick Parsons, Executive Director
  • Many videos like this, Patrick Parsons is right along side the Dorr Brothers
  • Part of the "Network" - signs onto a joint letter with friends:
    Christopher Dorr, Executive Director, Ohio Gun Owners
    Aaron Dorr, Executive Director, Iowa Gun Owners
    Patrick Parsons, Executive Director, Georgia Gun Owners
    Greg Pruett, President, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance
    Benjamin Dorr, Political Director, Minnesota Gun Rights
    Alexandra Salsman, Political Director, Missouri Firearms Coalition
    David Ball, President, Wyoming Gun Owners
    Jason Storms, Chairman, Wisconsin Firearms Coalition
    Thomas Walker, Chairman, North Carolina Firearms Coalition 
Georgia is no exception


2019 Article - Are Some Gun Groups just in it for the Money?
"I’m troubled by this. Groups like this can bring in a whole lot of money, yet it sounds like at least this one isn’t bringing any results for those who “donate.” It’s not a non-profit, yet it’s presenting itself as such. At least one group in the “network,” Georgia Gun Owners, fails to show up in Guidestar as well."

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They are siphoning off money (for their own personal gain) that should be going to authentic, real work to protect your Second Amendment Rights in Georgia