Iowa Gun Owners Association

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  • Founded by Lucius B O'Dell (of Colorado) in 2007, then taken over by Aaron Door in 2009
  • $1,642,030 made between 2009 and 2016

Articles, Blogs and Posts Exposing Dorr Brother Iowa Activity

"A recent investigative report by suggests the leader of an Ohio organization may be running a fundraising scam, asking for donations purportedly to help pass pro-gun laws, then funneling the money to an out-of-state, for-profit business and pocketing the money along with family members...According to, Chris Dorr, Executive Director of Ohio Gun Owners, and his brothers, Ben and Aaron, have set up “what amounts to a family business” in multiple states, including Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Idaho, Tennessee, Virginia, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Georgia. They have also set up a national organization called American Firearms Coalition."

"Well, IGO and Aaron are at it again, straight up lying to raise money. In his latest email there are several whoppers."

"It looks like D.J. Parten is making a move on Alabama. We’ve heard that he’s trying to establish himself in another state – Alabama. So, if you know people in Alabama, forward this email to them to give them a heads-up. Alabama is our neighbor, be neighborly! D.J. Parten claims he wants to protect your guns rights, but he's actually trying to raise money for his boss in Colorado. D.J. Parten claims to be Executive Director of "Florida Gun Rights" (FLGR) but this so-called "organization" has no actual presence in Florida....In Iowa, the scam artist wasn’t named D.J. Parten, it was Aaron Dorr. In Ohio, the scam artist is Chris Dorr (Aaron’s brother)"

"There will be no Constitutional Carry this year and the reason is Aaron Dorr and the Iowa Gun Owners says Senator Jason Schultz."

"You are a threat... you attack the NRA, you attack the Iowa Firearms Coalition... Why aren't you guys in Minnesota anymore? Why can't you raise money over there anymore? Aaron, I appreciate you trying to divide us and make money off this, but we're going to keep working..."

"The last thing Iowa Gun Owners wants in Iowa is Constitutional Carry because that would be the end of their gravy train!.."They claim victory for things they had absolutely nothing to do with!"

2019 Jason Schultz, Bill Manager for Constitutional Carry post blaming Iowa Gun Owners
"I can't move this bill forward if IGO is going to continue to burn bridges...IGO does not want this bill to proceed."

"According to, a website dedicated to exposing a similar group in Iowa, "Executive Director Chris Dorr" is none other than Christopher Dorr, brother of Aaron, who have operated in Iowa for several years as "Iowa Gun Owners," and who, along with Dudley Brown's "National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR)," are on record as having actively opposed legislation intended to improve gun rights.."

“Representative Windschitl’s closing remarks on House File 517 have caused quite a stir throughout the state. Windschitl called out the Iowa Gun Owners (IGO) group for lying to thousands of Iowans. Windschitl noted that despite their claims of being the driving force behind HF517, Iowa Gun Owners and their leaders never once spoke up about HF517, Stand Your Ground or any other provision of HF517 during the multiple subcommittees and public comment periods. IGO never registered as an organization in favor of the gun bill (here’s the list of everyone who actually declared for or against HF517) and most shockingly IGO isn’t even registered as a lobbying organization in the State of Iowa.”

"State Representative Matt Windschitl (R-Missouri Valley) gave the Des Moines-based Iowa Gun Owners group some impassioned criticism."Iowans are being lied to," said Windschitl while on the House floor. “The average individual citizen out there, that wants to see Second Amendment rights advance in the state, those are the people being lied to.”

2017 Shot in the Dark Carpetbaggers Article 
"Matt Windschitl called out “Iowa Gun Owners” as a scam from the floor of the Iowa state legislature. We’ve met Windschitl in this space before; I’ve interviewed him on my show,Iowa Gun Owners is the Iowa “branch” of the “Minnesota Gun Rights”. – which is a misnomer, as MGR actually is headquartered in Iowa. Windschitl savaged IGO for taking credit for Iowa’s recent passage of “Stand Your Ground” legislation, pointing out that not a single legislator had heard from Aaron Dorr, and the group had not even registered as lobbyists."

"Aaron Dorr has made a career out of exploiting innocent Iowans for financial gain. He is a smooth talking, political master, that will do anything to con people into giving up their hard earned money. As the ring leader of IGO, Aaron's main goal is to ensure no gun legislation passes in the Iowa house. This is an important strategy for him, because the more fear and lack of progress he can conjure up, the more money he can request and extract."
They are syphoning off money (for their own personal gain) that should be going to authentic, real work to protect your Second Amendment Rights in Iowa.