Iowa Pro Life Action

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  • Per this article, Iowa Prolife Action was founded by Aaron Dorr, then run by Cindy Anders, currently run by Alina Waggoner
  • Not even 10 years old, founded in 2011
  • Not "Dorr Family Run" directly it appears at this time, but still uses the EXACT SAME confrontational politicking tactics (common to their founder), attacking pro-life Republicans and long-standing pro-life groups as described on this website
  • See Comprensive List of News Articles, Posts, and Complaints related to the Dorr Brothers

Examples of How They Attack the Good Guys Using their Confrontational Politicking Tactics

Facebook Video (at about 2:25): "I am angry about it.... I'm tired of pro-life Republicans running on the pro-life platform and giving us nothing for it year after year after year I'm tired of professional pro-lifers who seem more interested in protecting their lawmaker friends than protecting babies."

They are siphoning off money (for their own personal gain) that should be going to authentic, real work to protect the unborn. Please consider donating to Iowans For Life that has been fighting this good fight for 40 years.