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  • Chris Dorr, is still the current Executive Director
  • See other titles Chris Dorr holds across their many orgnaizations
  • Why did Chris Dorr register the organization to a UPS store in Beavercreek?

Articles Exposing Dorr Brother Activity in Ohio

"It looks like D.J. Parten is making a move on Alabama. We’ve heard that he’s trying to establish himself in another state – Alabama. So, if you know people in Alabama, forward this email to them to give them a heads-up. Alabama is our neighbor, be neighborly! D.J. Parten claims he wants to protect your guns rights, but he's actually trying to raise money for his boss in Colorado. D.J. Parten claims to be Executive Director of "Florida Gun Rights" (FLGR) but this so-called "organization" has no actual presence in Florida....In Iowa, the scam artist wasn’t named D.J. Parten, it was Aaron Dorr. In Ohio, the scam artist is Chris Dorr (Aaron’s brother)"

2019 Cleveland, OH Article, "How one Ohio gun-rights group aims to upend the public debate by scaring Republicans"
“According to IAGunOwners.org, the Dorr's modus operandi is fear-mongering about legitimate pro-gun bills, and then fundraising on efforts to stop them.”

"A recent investigative report by Cleveland.com suggests the leader of an Ohio organization may be running a fundraising scam, asking for donations purportedly to help pass pro-gun laws, then funneling the money to an out-of-state, for-profit business and pocketing the money along with family members...According to Cleveland.com, Chris Dorr, Executive Director of Ohio Gun Owners, and his brothers, Ben and Aaron, have set up “what amounts to a family business” in multiple states, including Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Idaho, Tennessee, Virginia, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Georgia. They have also set up a national organization called American Firearms Coalition."

“According to IAGunOwners.org, the Dorr's modus operandi is fear-mongering about legitimate pro-gun bills, and then fundraising on efforts to stop them.”

"Recently, a group calling itself "Ohio Gun Owners" has been sending fundraising emails to gun owners around the state. The emails are signed by "Executive Director Chris Dorr" and claim that the "Ohio Constitutional Carry Act" is about to be introduced. The email also directs recipients to a petition and a plea for donations.Sounds great. We all want Constitutional Carry in Ohio. The problem is, a bill like this has been introduced (or promised) in each of the last several legislative sessions with no chance of being passed. But then, no one actually expects it to pass because these are not serious bills. The only reason they are introduced is to enable the sponsoring group to ask for donations."

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Examples of how they attack the pro-2A Republicans instead of the Democrats who want Good Guys Using their Confrontational Politicking Tactics

(Many, many fearmongering videos on their facebooke page)

They are siphoning off money (for their own personal gain) that should be going to authentic, real work to protect your Second Amendment Rights in Ohio