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Ben Dorr, Primary Author, see other roles he plays across the many organizations

Articles Exposing the Organization

2019 Buckeye Firearms Article
"A recent investigative report by Cleveland.com suggests the leader of an Ohio organization may be running a fundraising scam, asking for donations purportedly to help pass pro-gun laws, then funneling the money to an out-of-state, for-profit business and pocketing the money along with family members...According to Cleveland.com, Chris Dorr, Executive Director of Ohio Gun Owners, and his brothers, Ben and Aaron, have set up “what amounts to a family business” in multiple states, including Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Idaho, Tennessee, Virginia, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Georgia. They have also set up a national organization called American Firearms Coalition."

2019 PolitiFact catches Wisconsin Firearms Coalition's lies about Governor Evers, AG Josh Kaul and Speaker Robin Vos
"Governor Evers, AG Josh Kaul and Speaker Robin Vos are demanding ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ for Wisconsin!"... The post went on to say: "This would allow virtually anyone to claim you're ‘dangerous’, having your firearms seized by law enforcement with no proof, arrest, indictment, conviction or due process at all!"...Our definition of Mostly False is a statement that "contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression." That fits here."

See Comprensive List of News Articles, Posts, and Complaints related to the Dorr Brothers

Examples of How They Attack Pro-2A Advocates and Legislators instead of Democrats who really want gun confiscation

Video of the Brothers attacking the NRA, Senate Republicans, President Trump, and Dan Crenshaw
"NRA in Shambles, Senate Republicans Caving to Pressure, President Trump All Over the Place, Dan Crenshaw Sells Out Gun Owners"

(there are many, many videos on their facebook page of them attacking the good guys)

They are siphoning off money (for their own personal gain) that should be going to authentic, real work to protect your Second Amendment Rights in Wisconsin